The Winner Takes it All


Emily Keating, Reporter

While Donna, played by Mallory Alvarez, claims, “the very best things happen unexpectedly,” it is no surprise to anyone that our school’s theater department has put on yet another spectacular performance.
Theater is out there and heard your prayers, and they have been answered with their best performance yet.
Opening Night was April 27, and the theater department performed the classic Mamma Mia and the auditorium was jammed packed!
Friday and Saturdays performances saw very similar turnouts where extra chairs had to be brought in so everyone could sit down.
The musical follows the story of Sophie Sheridan, played by Brianna Stenke, as she seeks to find her father before her wedding by bringing them all to her home on a little island called Kalokairi in Greece.
The production takes all of the classic Mamma Mia moments we all know and love, from the disco parties, to the deep mother and daughter moments, to all the hilarious moments and songs, and brings them to life right in front of the audiences with characters played by people we all see in our everyday lives.
The set took not only the characters, but also the spectators and a mini two hour trip to Greece and took them into the moments that the actors were portraying.
Character bonding moments had audience members laugh a lot and in some cases, moved them to tears.
The singing and lighting had peers, parents, and even some grandparents dancing in their seats and singing along with their favorites.
And, of course, the show as a whole had the whole auditorium on their feet cheering at the end, with many talking about how excited they were to go and see it again the next day.
There were so many moments that had everyone laughing and, obviously, songs which had people singing along and it was clear to everyone how much each and every person had put into making it a performance to remember.
It is clear not only how much time, but how much soul was put into the whole performance from everyone.
Actors had the audience feeling real emotion with their singing throughout the whole show, from the heartfelt moment, to the scandalous ones, to the full out party ones there was something for everyone in the crowd.
Students, teachers, parents, grandparents and little siblings were all very excited to congratulate their performers and friends who had put work into such an outstanding work of art.
With so many spectacular people involved with this performance in both the cast and the crew, it is clear that no emotion was wasted in this performance, all love was laid on it as it was the perfect send off for all the seniors who were involved.
Thank you to all those who took part in making this performance one to remember for both the performers and the audience, after all, without a song or a dance, what are we?