Carrying the Pride that’s been Woven into Us


The loudspeaker goes off and your class begins to stand.


Your feet begin to tingle as the excitement inside you builds.


There are hushed whispers amongst you and your friends as you reach the entrance.


Step by step, you walk through the gates and towards that glorious hill- you know it’s time.


 The time to continue a tradition that has been in place for several generations. 


Painting S Mountain is a reward-leaving during the school day to refresh our district’s sacred symbol. 


Each year, freshmen leave during the school day to make long-lasting memories and to repaint our beloved mountain. 


This year was no different. 


The tradition started in 1954 when the school opened and the students began to mark the mountain and a border of the Sunnyslope district.


Math Teacher Michael Fenton has taught at Sunnyslope High School for 28 years now. 


He said tradition is “Amazing, like no other school… you can’t find another school that does what we do.” 


This amazing appreciation of Sunnyslope has been honored and should continue to be. 


English Teacher Sarah Levine said “I see the tradition as taking care of our community…we own that mountain.”


The routine is a moment of respect for our community. 


Even since Levine went up the mountain her freshman year, the practice has always been the same.


Since COVID was at its peak, the routine has come back to its original state, the class of 2024 being the only class to miss out.


 Levine said, “I think it’s a bummer, but at the same time it was necessary for safety.” 


No one wants to skip out on a beloved task, but the security of the students depended on this. 


Fenton said, “A lot of classes missed out on a lot of things, it’s sad to miss out on anything traditional.” 


Juniors class might’ve missed out, but they will always carry the pride of being a part of Sunnyslope High School.