The Rise and Legacy of Sunnyslope’s “Green Team”


Ten minutes til start time.

The team gets ready to play as parents file in.

Exciting chatter fills the room while you meet up with all your friends.

Watching sports games at Sunnyslope High School is exciting, especially if you sit near the famed-and-feared Green Team.

Although, The Green Team wasn’t always known as the “Green Team”.

Spanish Teacher Justine Simon said, “We were the Mannix Maniacs”.

The Mannix Maniacs were named after Coach Dan Mannix-also who the gym is named after.

They served the same purpose as The Green Team, having T-shirts and chants as well.

Simon’s brother Ian Slovin, Simon’s younger brother and nother SHS Alum,Isaid, “It was founded in Fall 2007 by members of Sunnyslope’s graduating class of 2008.”
There was a small group of original founders (my friends, but not me) that grew into a full-blown movement by the time volleyball season had started.”

They were known as the support system for Sunnyslope High School, even supporting less popular sports.

Slovin also said “Some of us also used to attend away games and cheer loudly for other sports like golf, badminton, and tennis.”

Unfortunately, lately there has been more support in the traditional “popular” sports rather than others.

Junior Xochilt Luna, a basketball player said, “No, they don’t come out and support on a regular basis.” Also, I think they don’t show as much support to the girls’ team on campus as they do to the boys’ teams.”

Although, when the group does come out, the support is all or nothing.

Junior Destiny Greene, a basketball player said, “They don’t really support but when they do it gets the girls hyped”.

The Green Team is known as a family within the school, which supports each other and every little part of the bigger picture.

It became a tradition and a family, morphing into the Green Team we know today.

Luna said “I think the Green Team is an important tradition to Sunnyslope as it stimulates student involvement.”

The group is a family which brings school spirit to the face of all students.

Green Team Leader, Isak Hodzik agrees with the statement and said, “I think the Green Team is an important tradition because I think bringing students to watch our sports events not only supports the team we’re watching but it brings all of us together and creates a bond between us all.”

Sunnyslope is not only a school, but a community as well and with that comes a reputation to be fulfilled and supported.

Hodzik also said “Three words I’d use to describe The Green Team are family, spirited, and commitment.”

“The family” has been in existence for multiple years, and it will impact many classes to come.

Even from the very beginning of its presence, the group has positively affected its supporters.

Simon said “The excitement of our team doing well brought us all together.”

The sports community at Sunnyslope is intense, but always supports each other.