The Fall of the Superhero Franchise


Superheroes were used as propoganda during World War 2 — just like this Superman comic.

Superheroes were used as propaganda during World War II to create inspirational characters and to encourage people in this time of crisis.

Comics were an increasing form of art and entertainment then because it was a positive distraction to an otherwise depressing time.

During that time, superheroes like: Captain America, Superman, and Wonder Woman became widely popular. 

Today, there are over 100 superhero movies and a growing number of shows within the Marvel and DC universes. 

Many committed fans of superhero films enjoy this new growth, yet there are many who do not.

If you are a huge fan, then it would be easy for you to follow along to all the connecting films but for those who are not, you might get lost in the story. 

“I wouldn’t watch all of the newer stuff because …  I don’t think I would understand a lot of it,” said Junior CJ Petee.

In a recent poll with Sunnyslope students, only 17.1 percent claimed to be fully committed fans. 

“I’m a huge nerd so I’ve always loved superhero stuff, but I have some friends who aren’t… they never understand me when I talk about things,” said an anonymous student.

With so many new films being released, it starts to get hard to follow along for many, but it is more than that; many have noticed a negative change in quality.

Some think the unfortunate passing of icon Stan Lee has to do with the devaluation of quality, presumably due to his figure-head stature no longer contributing to the ethos of the films.

Junior Ella Brown’s interest has decreased because she feels like “marvel has lost part of its spark since Stan Lee died. He made what Marvel is so it is not the same without him.”

The production plays a role in how people perceive the quality as well.

Sophomore Asia Martin said, “The production quality and storytelling in superhero movies have gone down lately. They’ve been boring with rushed special effects and plots.”

Some are put off by the composition of the films.

Junior Alicia Amaro said, “some of the newer superhero movies feel as though they have just been thrown together for no real purpose and sometimes do not make sense.”

There are many different opinions when it comes to how interesting new superhero films are but either way, just over 61% of people have had their interest level change recently.

Some opinions are positive; Senior Sergio Ibarra’s interest has “gone up as new content has been released and is improving… it has caught my attention”

Additionally, Sophomore Quesly Trujillo Ochoa said, “the new phases for the MCU look kind of good and I’m more invested in them than I was before.”

On the other side, opinions are not as optimistic. 

Sophomore Matthew La Rue’s interest has gone down because new superhero films “haven’t been as good lately. Their ideas are getting stale.”

Junior Malachi Aispuro also said, “some movies tend to overhype themselves and don’t often live up to the expectations set.”

From propaganda to the various connecting movies and shows, opinions have changed along with the number of films put out; superheroes are not the same as they used to be.