Vikings get ‘Close Up’ with Big DC Names




Close Up, a group on campus sponsored by Teacher Sunny Zamar is headed to Washington DC over spring break with nearly a dozen students.
Although new to Sunnyslope, Zamar has taken students on this trip 5 times previously.
“I have always heard the kids talk about how it was such a memorable trip,” Zamar said.
Among the things that make the trip memorable would be an opportunity to meet lawmakers.
The trip will “take kids to meet with AZ representatives and senators,” said Zamar.
Sunnyslope is not the only Glendale Union school headed on the trip.
Zamar “always travel with Apollo High School as our sister school.”
This year, Apollo is bringing 25 students, while SHS may bring around 10.
The deadline for sign-ups has passed this year, but if interested, students can head to the second story of the J-Building and talk to Zamar about possible trips in the future — the trip will be likely to happen next year and all sophomore, juniors, and seniors are eligible to go.