Set, Spike, Stuco



While most SHS students were asleep on a rainy Saturday, National Honor Society was volunteering and giving back to the community.

While dozens of Vikings cheered in the stands, thevolleyball team conquered the court.

While hundreds of students smiled and cheered at the assemblies, Stuco sighed a sigh or relief after weeks of effort and planning.

And Senior Anna Zimmerman was a driving force in all of those things — while maintaining friendships, excellent grades, and a glowing reputation.

“Anna is the most organized, on-top-of-it [student] — she’s my go-to person,” said Stuco Advisor Leah Clark.

“Anna’s a great leader. She really commits her time to the team” said Junior Mikayla Shepston, varsity player.

Zimmerman herself notices this dedication.

“There’s a lot of time that goes into the gym but every second was worth it, even if I really didn’t want to be there that day” said Zimmerman.

Zimmerman has been bumping, setting, and spiking since she was young.

Zimmerman said, “I started playing recreational volleyball when I was seven, and then I started ‘club’ at 11.

I just finished my seventh year competing nationally.”

Zimmerman, along with the varsity squad, have been able to finally see the countless hours put into volleyball pay off.

“When the season first started, we all kinda thought that we would be ok but not great, but we turned out to have a really amazing season,” Zimmerman said.

The team would not have been able to make it to the Quarterfinals without the special connections created on the team.

Support is a big factor in success, and the varsity team was able to forge close, supportive relationships with one another.

“This team has such a special bond and I can honestly say that I love every single one of these girls,” Zimmerman said.

“It is a very supportive environment and I know that I could go to any one of them if I needed help.”

Along with volleyball, student council can be a supportive outlet for some students.

Zimmerman is an active member of STUCO.

Clark credited Zimmerman with always putting projects together thoughtfully, and paying attention to detail.

Clark said “She has produced every virtual assembly, any task I give her I know is going to be amazing.”

Zimmerman has built a dependable character by always completing hard feats and really caring about projects.

“You can whole heartily trust her, and she understands why we do the things we do,” said Clark.

Zimmerman juggles volleyball, STUCO, and a ton of AP classes, and still is able to be of service to the people around her.

“She gets a little stressed like any human being, but I need her sometimes to check on me when I’m feeling overwhelmed,” said Clark.

In addition to all her responsibilities, she fosters close relationships with those around her; close friend Vylet Bertoncino said, “she works so hard and is one of the most motivated … people I know.”

Zimmerman is a powerful community member for Sunnyslope, and her hard work can be seen in numerous ways around the school.

Clark said “I’m going to miss her spirit when she leaves next year. Anna is the best.”