The Demise of Tate

Allison Wilkens, Reporter


“Make sure the boxes are recycled,” chortled an arrogant man into the internet’s ether.

The video was made just hours before his arrest — an arrest many says came because of the said pizza box.

Andrew Tate, a social media influencer who began to gain attention in 2022 for his outward misogynistic statements and being a self-proclaimed “king of toxic masculinity,” has led many individuals to share their opinions about the highly controversial figure and the platforms of others like him.

Senior Paul Pascual said, “ Objectively, Andrew Tate has had a negative impact, and we can see this within our young boys today, who are influenced by him and exacerbating his views.”

Diving deeper into these impacts, Pascual said, “We can see that our young boys today are turning into carbon copies of this misogynist and we can see that his influence has spread to the point of individuals protesting his arrest, the impact is very real.”

Pascual is not the only person to notice this impact. 

Junior Hillary McHugh said, “He promotes toxic masculinity to an audience of impressionable young men who are getting a distorted view of masculinity, and in turn, the place women should hold in society.”

Looking at the consequences of this influence, many students find a problem with it.

Including Pascual, who said, “It’s affecting our girls today, they come in crying because of these men, we absolutely should not have someone who enables that behavior.”

Additionally, McHugh said, “What concerns me is not just what he says, but rather that so many young men believe him; it scares me that in this day and age, there are still people that believe that women should be subservient and silent.”

Many are trying to find a solution to this problem.

Pascual said “What we should do is deplatform these people– it’s that simple” and that “we should take the microphone away from people who spread these damaging messages”

Zeroing in on the content, students point out that its the women who suffer from people who ingest his messages.

‌Pascual said “Although he may not think he’s promoting toxic masculinity, but the form of masculinity he promotes really disables women and disables practically anyone who’s not hyper-masculine.”

McHugh agreed.

She said, “I think his views are rooted in the underlying fear that the world is no longer catered to men as we make progress towards gender equality.”

Recently, waves of protestors took the the streets in Greece to show support for the now-incarcerated Tate.

McHugh said, “when he was arrested, his fans simply didn’t want to admit he could be guilty, there’s a difference between wrongful imprisonment and normal judicial process.”

Pascual simply said “I think it’s stupid, for Tate and everyone involved.”