COVID-19 Cases Continue To Rise


Madeline Ellis, Reporter


China is currently in the middle of one of their biggest rises in covid cases since the worst part of the pandemic.


Various variants, old and new, have left it in crisis. 


However, China is not the only country that will be affected by this event. 


According to the New York Times, the total number of Covid cases ever recorded for the US sits at 102 million.


There are 332 million people living in the United States; therefore the number of covid cases and population aligns.


But for China, it does not. 


China’s population is more than 4 times that of the United States, but there has only been a total of 2 million cases ever reported. 


Just look at this as a ratio: the United States has a ratio of 102/332; meanwhile the Chinese statistics point to a ratio of 2/1412. 


The staggering disproportion is astounding; statistically, this makes no sense.


China is not recording and sending out the true number of covid cases out to the world. 


This country is much more densely populated; this means that during the risk times of the pandemic, Covid-19 would be more likely to spread from person to person. 


This misinformation from China may leave behind some negative effects.


Accurate data is vital for further research from health experts.


The CDC said that knowing the accurate covid statistics is extremely important to support “vaccination programs, country and regional level responses, border health, and [to evolve] scientific understanding of COVID-19.”


Without real understanding, growth from the effects that Covid-19 inflicts on the world will be impossible. 


To add on, the surrounding countries of China don’t know the absolute truth about what is going on there. 


This is important to prevent a surge like this from happening in other countries.


According to the NY Times, China reports about 1 new case per day.


But this number is not true; in reality, there are so many more than one new case per day in China. 


According to PBS news, “The Chuiyangliu hospital in the city’s east was packed Thursday with newly arrived patients. Beds ran out by mid morning, even as ambulances continued to bring more people in.”


Hospital’s are way overcrowded and China does not have the supplies needed to properly care for citizens. 


No countries can help China because they’re not offering realistic information on what is really happening.


As new variants are born and as more people get infected, the world can hope that proper statistics will be released in order to slow down the Covid epidemic as much as possible.