Movie Sequels: Are They Really Necessary?


Brett Goodfarb, Reporter


Actor William Katt, famous for starring in “Carrie” and “The Greatest American Hero,” once said in a quote that, “The studios make a hit, they see dollar signs, and they make a cheap rip-off.” 

Katt said that in 1979 a little after his breakout movie “Carrie” was released– that quote has only gotten more accurate as time has passed.

Nowadays, sequels are extremely popular; they rake in millions and millions of dollars at the box office.

2023 is no different, with a whopping 28 sequels set to be released this year, ranging from Guardians Of The Galaxy 3 and Dune Part 2 to John Wick.

Sequels make studios big money making it a big incentive to push for sequels so much every year.

Another big incentive is that a sequel takes less effort to make.

Sophomore Patrick Woods said he “enjoys original films way more than sequels.”

Woods also said that “Movies like Babylon and Nope were way better than any sequel made last year by far.”

It is no mystery why Hollywood and movie executives love making sequels.

It is easier for Hollywood to make a 10th Fast & Furious movie than to make a completely original movie.

J.J Abrams, famous for making the new Star Wars trilogy and long-time big-budget Hollywood director, said “There’s nothing wrong with doing sequels, they’re just easier to sell.”

Sequels are a lot easier for Hollywood to sell because they don’t need to re-introduce you to the characters or setting.

An original movie has to spend the time actually developing the characters, plot, and world around it while a sequel has all the hard work already done for it.

Original movies are a risk modern-day Hollywood is scared to make nowadays

Hollywood has become a money factory that turns out sequel after sequel because they are cash cows.

Why would they waste money and time on a new original movie when sequels make way more money for less effort?

Looking at almost any recent year, we would see that most movies at the top of the box office are sequels.

Look at last year as an example.

Nine of the top 10 highest-grossing films were sequels, with Top Gun: Maverick, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, and Doctor Strange Multiverse of Madness being the leaders. 

The only movie in the top ten that wasn’t a sequel was The Batman, which is an already established, beloved comic book universe.

With superhero movies and sequels making millions of dollars yearly, it doesn’t seem like Hollywood has any incentive to change their ways anytime soon.