Viking Reviews: SZA’s Record Breaking Return


Jahaziel Estes, Reporter

A truly dexterous woman, winning 25 music awards from 66 nominations– including a grammy as well as her first album being nominated Album of the Year.

This woman has accomplished so much in her 13 year long singing career and has an even brighter future ahead. 

Award winning R&B singer and songwriter SZA has just released her highly anticipated sophomore album SOS reminding fans that good things come to those who wait. 

Sza’s long-awaited sophomore album was an overnight sensation.

SOS is on track to debut atop the Billboard 200, marking SZA’s first-ever No. 1 album.

SZA released her new album a whopping 5 years after her first album CTRL which is still heavily listened to today and has never left the charts even after all this time. 

This album is very similar to SZA’s first album CTRL in its freshness and vulnerability.

Both albums have a raw resonance about them.

SZA beautifully transforms deeply personal experiences into songs that feel intimate, relatable, and untouchable, all at the same time.

SZA masterfully turns her inner monologues into soulful and relatable songs.

She’s transformed her own deep and personal experiences and has made them sacred.

For example in her song “Kill Bill ” she writes down her darkest innermost thoughts saying “I might kill my ex/not the best idea”.

SZA skillfully creates an atmosphere that is intimate for whoever listens to her songs going through their own personal experiences.

Her relatability and honesty is what makes her so popular in mainstream media.

While SZA’s first album, CTRL, was triple platinum, her newest album is predicted to do even better.

Predictions say that SOS will earn between 275,000 and 300,000 album equivalent units in its first week, which would make it the sixth or seventh biggest debut of the year.

You can stream SZA’s new album SOS on all music-streaming platforms.