Viking Reviews: ‘Nope’


Brett Goodfarb, Reporter

What would you do if you saw an alien in real life? 

Would you try to videotape it? 

Would you move away? 

Well, that is the exact problem OJ, and Emerald Haywood find themselves in.

In the movie Nope by director and writer Jordan Peele, we follow this exact situation and what real humans would do facing this challenge.

Nope follows a man and his sister as they discover something sinister in the skies above their California horse ranch, while the owner of a nearby theme park tries to profit from the mysterious, otherworldly phenomenon. Like Steven Spielberg’s “Jaws,” this movie follows something attacking humans and follows as they try to deal with it. 

Nope and Jaws also use big bombastic, orchestral scores that enhance the action and tension in the film.

Nope is a really good movie I recommend seeing as soon as possible. 

There are enjoyable parts for every person even if you aren’t a horror fan. 

This movie blends pure terror and suspense with fun, thrilling action better than any other horror movie. 

Jordan Peele masterfully creates a beautifully shot horror movie made for every movie watcher. No other movie makes night time scenes look this scary and yet still beautiful.

In fact, to get those iconic scenes at night, they had to invent a new way to film them that no other film has by using an infrared camera to help a traditional camera simulate night not only making Nope’s day and night scenes some of the best ever, but it could also change how the whole industry shoots night sequences forever.

This is also the first horror movie to use IMAX. 

The acting in Nope is also amazing with every actor delivering an unforgettable role from Daniel Kaluuya and Keke Palmer as the main siblings to Steven Yeun as “Jupe ” the failed kid actor and amusement park owner. 

This movie will keep you entertained from start to finish with amazing acting, writing, cinematography,and music.