New Phone Policy Invites Heightened Productiveness

Allisyn Crabtree, Reporter


Teachers have been informed that the phone policy in the classrooms must be more enforced entering the second semester 

For years teachers have struggled with students constantly being on their phones during lessons and not paying attention during class. 

This semester it has been made a goal that phones must be turned off and put away during class.

A phone rack has become an option to all teachers on campus and it has been proven effective for many. 

Math Teacher Mike Fenton said, “No student is ever distracted and looks at their phone while I’m teaching.”

This suggests that the phone rack provides a way for students to become more focused and attentive in class. 

Students also have been affected by this new action. 

Senior Camryn Willis said, “I think that it makes me more focused on the lessons and I don’t really feel the need to look at my phone anymore.”

Students can use this new phone rack as a way for them to take time away from their screens and get the best learning experience they can get. 

Last semester, phones overtook many classes, Fenton explained, “It’s terrible, it’s a major distraction that I would also be distracted by, I do the same thing as students do and put my phone up.”

Phones are one of society’s biggest distractions and it shows mostly in the classrooms. 

Since students feel as though they are more focused, grades can also be greatly impacted by this. 

Willis said, “I think putting away my phone has improved my grades because I don’t have any distractions in class and all my attention is on the teacher.”

Fenton agreed and said, “It improves their grades because it improves their efficiency.”

This explains how before they would choose when to pay attention to the teacher but now since they don’t have a choice, they are forced to stay focused on the lesson. 

Fenton said, “To continue enforcing this rule, I sometimes count the rows and and count the phones to make sure the students are following through with it.”

Overall, this new prosecution provides a new way for students to focus more and become less distracted in class, it also allows teachers to teach their class knowing the information they are giving is getting through to the students. 

It is a simple yet effective control over the students, it is easy to carry out and makes the learning environment better for everyone.