Viking Reviews: Murder on the Orient Express


Grace Lawrence, Reporter

Everyone’s a suspect on this train and it’s up to one man to figure out who is the murderer traveling amongst them. 

The protagonist of the novel Murder on the Orient Express is a detective solving a murder on the Orient Express. 

Murder on the Orient Express follows the journey of detective H. Poirot as he is traveling home across Europe, all peaceful until – millionaire M. Ratchett is found dead in his compartment. Ratchett was stabbed a dozen times with his room locked from the inside.

Poirot, being the only detective on board, must weave his way through the long list of international suspects in just 3 days.

Things start to unfold the further on the story goes on from all the clues, confessions, evidence, allegations, and interviews H. Poirot has to complete and solve. 

Murder on the Orient Express is like playing along to your favorite game show. 

It’s puzzling, making full guesses early on, confusion, shocking, exciting if you guess correctly, frustrating, and just experiencing a lot of emotions at once. 

Agatha Christie creates this captivating story that just leaves you wanting to continue reading just to figure out what’s next. 

The chapters end with new clues or twists being presented in the story adding on to the suspicion and unknowingness of the murderer. 

With every action each character takes it makes you want to solve it along the protagonist and point fingers at someone with what information you currently know. 

Only to have your mind be completely changed by the next character interaction or chapter making you rethink what is happening. 

The only thing I would caution readers about is how the book sometimes switches languages based on who’s speaking. 

This is a great addition to the international characters but may be difficult to some readers. Murder on the Orient Express can be found at your local public libraries, Barnes&Nobles online or in person, and on Audible.