AAA Receive Awards


EL Teacher Mike Brauer, Senior Maddie Schlesinger, Athletic Secretary Kathie Nunn, Sunnyslope Parent Carrie Lifshitz, and the Viking Pride Marching band were honored as Achievement Above All Recipients on January 18 at a GUHSD board meeting held in the Kenneth E. Coffin Auditorium.

Once a year, one teacher, student, student group, parent volunteer, and support staff at Sunnyslope High School are awarded the Achievement Above All award by the GUHSDAZ district and governing board.

After over a decade of hard work and dedication to his students, this is Brauer’s last year teaching at Sunnyslope. As he accepted his award, Brauer said he is “proud to say [he] finished [his] career at Sunnyslope High School. It has been a pleasure working with and for such fine people”

Schlesinger is undoubtedly one of the most accomplished and well-rounded students on campus, with a resume full of clubs and extracurricular activities.

She described this award as “an incredible honor” and thanked her friends, family, and teachers for getting her to where she is today.

“I have had experiences that will last a lifetime being a part of so many exceptional sports teams, due to wonderful coaching and clubs” said Schlesinger as she accepted her award.

The SHS Viking Pride Band’s award was accepted by Drum Major Lillianna Nolasco and Percussion Section Leader Armando Rocha.

The work that this group of students puts into their art is truly above and beyond, they are constantly practicing before and after school, with rehearsals starting weeks before classes begin in August, and many of their Saturdays spent earning top scoring places in competitions.

“It is truly something magical to see your endurance and hard work pay off,” Rocha said at the ceremony, “it’s really an experience like no other.”

This year’s support staff recipient was Nunn, who also won the award as a parent volunteer in 2010, and has been instrumental in the Sunnyslope community for almost 20 years.

Assistant Principal Tim Matteson said, “her consummate professionalism and her positive demeanor are a continuous source of inspiration for me and many others on a daily basis.”

When the time came to accept her award, Nunn said, “I have been so lucky to be an employee of Sunnyslope High School, and forming some friendships that I know will last a lifetime…I’m looking forward to the coming years because you can only become truly accomplished at something you love, and I truly love my job.”

This year’s volunteer recipient is Lifshitz.

“Carrie was a ray of light during the darkest times of remote learning,” said then English teacher James King.

Varsity football coach Sam Jacobs described her as “a dream volunteer” and “a positive and flexible advocate” who “lifted teachers in some bleak moments.”

Lifshitz described her experience volunteering for Sunnyslope High School as “one of the greatest joys and privileges” she has experienced.

As Lifshitz left the stage, she shared one final note of appreciation, “Our Sunnyslope community is an amazing community to be a part of and I am truly humbled to be recognized by them as a volunteer.”

Principle Jonathan Parker hopes that this year’s recipients “understand how much their work is appreciated” and allow themselves “a moment to reflect on the extraordinary work and accomplishments they’ve done.”

“We have extraordinary people who do exceptional work and I would hope that these moments are special” Parker said.