Will the Earth Heal Itself?



Weather. It’s happening constantly, all around us, without failure.
Weather is when rain can be seen on one side of the street and not the other.
Weather is right now, it can change today, by the hour, or by the minute.
Some say that the climate crisis is out of control, while others believe there is nothing to worry about.
The United Nations website claims, “Human-induced climate change is the largest, most pervasive threat to the natural environment and societies the world has ever experienced.”
Integrated Science Teacher Scott Gilpin disagreed slightly and said, “Climate change has always happened — when desert changes to an ocean, the ecosystem must co-align.”
So, people agree that there are changes to climate, and we are noticing and experiencing those changes now.
The climate is continuously adapting, and signs of extreme weather, like heat waves, droughts, wildfires and floods, lead to believe that human production may be accelerating the process.
Climate catastrophes are occurring across the globe perpetually- whether they are record breaking due to human-caused global warming is still a matter of debate.
NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory said, “Global climate change is not a future problem. Changes to Earth’s climate driven by increased human emissions of heat-trapping greenhouse gasses are already having widespread effects now.”
On the flip side, it is believed that the climate changes naturally, and temperature spikes, rising sea levels, and weather phenomenons are part of the climate altering.
Gilpin and other scientists agree that the climate changing is inevitable, and that the earth will naturally repair the damages regardless if it is cyclicle or human-caused..
In fact, The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration acknowledged this on their website.
The website reads, “Though we often think about human-induced climate change as something that will happen in the future, climate change is an ongoing process.”
“Over a long period of time we’ve had holes in the ozone layer, but we’ve learned the ozone heals itself,” said Gilpin.
Where Gilpin and the NOAA seem to differ is that the NOAA suggested that humans need to take preventative measures in order to allow the healing to take place.
“Experts believe there is still time to avoid the most negative of outcomes by limiting warming and reducing emissions to zero as quickly as possible,” said the NOAA.
The debate about whether humans should act upon climate change is ongoing and as scientists learn more, the truth concerning human effect on the condition of the planet will be seen.