DeSantis’s Decision Courageous


Sam Porell

As we reported, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis  rejected a proposed AP African American studies class January 12 protecting Florida’s educational system and the state’s laws.

This was a courageous, yet necessary move.

Would we let the history curriculum that teaches middle schoolers be full of pro-communist propaganda in order to brainwash our children to think a certain way?

Or should we allow our English teachers to use books that promote breaking the law or seeing it in such a small light that the law no longer has meaning.

If those ideas sound like a nightmare then why should we let a program with unlawful ideas or a program that shoves political ideas from the left or the right into our children’s minds, we will no longer be a free society.

While an African American studies program is an excellent idea, it is one that must be executed carefully and perfectly.

To begin, if this course does not align with current Florida state law, then how can we, in good conscience, allow our children to be taught by something unlawful.

How can we let our children have a criminal as the main instructor?

Besides this obvious roadblock there is also the problem of the current content of the program which is one of the main reasons behind the rejection of the class.

In his press conference DeSantis called the content “indoctrination, not education.”

If this is true then letting this class be put into use without accurate and trustworthy information would be a horrible idea.

Think of the book 1984 and how the people of that world had been brainwashed into blindly following the government, burning books, and letting their life and body be controlled by the government.

If we’re not careful the same could begin to be done to our children if this so-called AP African American Studies source is really a political brainwashing tool used to turn our children into mindless voters of one party.

This is the essential problem faced by the current course.

Children are some of the only humans that are in fact “free thinkers” because they haven’t been introduced into the guidelines of adulthood and haven’t had their thoughts molded by society as much as their older counterparts.

This is something that must be maintained not only for the benefit of our kids but also for the betterment of our own society because if free thinking does die then we will be no better than the mindless people that walk around the world of 1984.

So, while the decision to cut the class by DeSantis may not have been an easy one it was possibly a very necessary one and a courageous move on DeSantis’s part.