Mamma Mia Set To Make Its Sunnyslope Debut

Mamma Mia Set To Make Its Sunnyslope Debut

Allisyn Crabtree, Reporter


It is important for students to explore their interests as they go through highschool.

School theater can be a great resource for outgoing and extroverted students wanting to try something new. 

Senior Teague Perez landed the role of Sam which is a large male role in the Mama Mia school play at sunnyslope. 

He states, “I decided to do the play because it was my senior year and I wanted to try something completely different from the sports I had been playing the past three years.”

As explained earlier, school plays are a good way for students to explore their interests and branch out and do something new during their high school years. 

Theater students are often described as outgoing and the environment can be scary with various personalities working together.

Perez explains, “On set with all the students it is still super new to all of us and we haven’t gotten to know each other yet so there is a mix of excitement and fear because we all know the play will be a lot of work.” 

There’s a lot of aspects to a play.

Some examples would be the set, costumes, lighting, and remembering your lines.

With all these parts of the play needed, it can be very stressful for students participating but great friendships are made along the way as they spend a large amount of time together. 

When Perez landed the role for Sam he had gone into the audition originally trying for the roles of Pepper or Eddie. 

He states, “Being that I am new to theater I didn’t have much faith in the idea of me getting a larger role.” 

Furthermore he explains, “I would have been happy with any of those roles just to get a feel of what theater is like.”

Just wanting to see what theater is all about , Perez wasn’t expecting anything going into the audition but he came out with a larger role than expected. 

Having a big role in the play Perez is, “super excited about it but definitely nervous being that [he] is so new to all of this.”