Long Running Show “Dr. Phil” Set To End

Brett Goodfarb, Reporter


After 21 years, Dr.Phil will end his daytime TV show to pursue “new ventures.”

A statement released by CBS Media Ventures explained that “Phil McGraw (Dr. Phil) will focus on prime-time programming.” 

According to that same press release, Dr. Phil has plans to announce a “strategic prime-time partnership, scheduled for an early 2024 launch.”

While it seems like Dr. Phil won’t be gone forever, some people worry that the future of Dr. Phil is in serious jeopardy.

One such person is Freshman Olivia Echeveste, who said, “The show was heading downhill for a while, but this just puts the nail in the coffin. Dr. Phil will never be the same.”

While some argue that it is a bad show, the show indeed had interest, and people worldwide will miss their daily dose of Dr.Phil.

One student, Sophomore Ian Waxman, said, “I will miss Dr.Phil a lot. He was a cool dude.”

After a long run, Dr. Phil will come to a sad end; however, not everyone will miss Dr.Phil.

When asked about his thoughts on Dr.Phil, Sophomore Diego Del Prete said, “I will not miss Dr. Phil at all. It was a boring show. I’m glad it’s over.”

There are a lot of mixed reactions about the nationwide Dr. Phil show coming to an end.

While Dr. Phil’s fate is still up in the air, one thing is for sure, Dr.Phil has made a massive impact on people and the television industry.