5 Classic Movies From Before 2000 That You Must Watch

Boden Pangborn, Contributing Writer



  1. The Godfather 

The Godfather follows the story of  a Mafia family headed by Vito Coreleon and the issues that plague them. The move was released in march of 1972 and can be found on Peacock TV with a subscription. 

  1. Die Hard

This film follows the story of NYC cop John Mcclane who is in LA to attend a christmas party with his wife, but when terrorists take control and hold the party guests hostage it is up to McClane to save the day. Die Hard premiered in 1988 and can be found on Hulu, Starz, or Sling with the respective subscriptions. 

  1. 12 Angry Men

After a young boy is accused of murdering his abusive father a jury must decide his fate, whether that be electric chair or freedom. The jury must be unanimous on their vote. This proves to be a difficult task that will bring every member of the jury to their last wits. 12 Angry Men was released in 1957 and can be viewed on Amazon Prime TV with a subscription.

  1. The Breakfast Club

This movie follows the story of 5 highschool students who are sent to an all day Saturday detention and assigned an 1000-word essay due at the end of the day. With little to no supervision except the occasional visit from the Vice Principal, these students from all different slices of life will have to make the most out of this day. The Breakfast club released in 1985 and can be watched on Hulu with a subscription.

  1. Sleepless in Seattle

After Sam Baldwin loses his wife to cancer he and his 8-year old son move to Seattle to start a new life. A year later on Christmas eve his son calls into a radio station and persuades his dad to talk about how he misses his wife. The rest of the film follows Sam’s journey to find love. Sleepless and Seattle came out in 1993 and can be found on Netflix with a subscription.