Summer Movies Set to Make a Splash

Brett Goodfarb, Reporter

The golden dust scene rips away to blinding bright light–a subtle ring pierces sonically through the theater.


In the moments after the first atomic bomb goes off, the discomfort in the theater is tangible.


This moment in Oppenheimer is just one of the dozens of crowd-jarring moments we can expect at the cinema this summer.


Summer is when big studios release their most anticipated movies that make hundreds of millions of dollars, and this year is no different.


Many big-budget blockbuster movies are coming out this summer. 


This year’s summer movies range from bio-pics about real people like Oppenheimer to animated Spider-men in a multiverse battle in Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse, to the Barbie movie — a movie that has an inescapable social media presence.


One thing is for sure this summer: the theaters will be full of eager people wanting to see high-budget cinema.


Sophomore Charlie Mitchell is a self-proclaimed movie lover and said, “The movies coming out this summer could be the best movies of the past ten years. Oppenheimer and Spider-Verse look amazing, and even silly movies like Barbie could be critically surprising.”


When asked what movie he was looking forward to, he said, “Definitely Spider-Verse. The animation is insanely good, and the first was already one of the best-animated movies ever.”


When asked what movies he planned on seeing this summer, Sophomore Elias Mercado said, “I want to see Barbie. It looks super funny, and the cast is stacked.”


Millions of people share his sentiment globally and prepare to spend a lot at theaters in the blistering summer heat.


One of those people includes Freshman Alan Ferrari, who said he thinks “Barbie is going to be the funniest and most talked about movie on the internet for a long time this year.”


Although, there is a hefty amount of people that hold out for the summer blockbusters.


Sophomore Laney Crosby, for instance, said, “The movies are all kinda the same.”


She also said that “Barbie is the only movie I would maybe see but probably not. It just looks funny,  that’s all.”


Sophomore Ian Waxman also agreed with Laney-he said that “most summer movies are boring, but I would see Barbie.”


Summer is the biggest year for movie theaters and Hollywood studios, and this year will deliver at the summer box office with lots of highly anticipated, seat-filling movies.