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Season two of the Summer I Turned Pretty came out in July – the love triangle drama quickly unfolded and intensified after season one, striking a controversial discussion about who Belly (the main character) should end up with; clearly, the answer is Conrad.

There is team ‘Bellyjere,’ and then there is team ‘Bonrad,’ but there is only one right choice.

Some people have taste.

Other people think it’s okay for Belly to end up with Jeremiah.

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Jeremiah is easily the less eligible bachelor.

Not only doesConrad have a better personality, but better looks as well.

I’ve heard the argument, “Jeremiah’s blue eyes help you see into his soul.”

While they may help you see into his soul, they are also incredibly creepy; it’s to the point that you think he is a siren – luring you to your death.

Why this doesn’t turn Belly away immediately is astounding.

Conrad maintains the classic look, his classic look will age better than the “ siren” look giving him the pro that he will be able to mature with Belly as they grow old together.

Conrad’s personality is another reason as to why he is the better brother.

One of his main personality traits is being a people pleaser.

This might seem like the best trait in the universe, but it has its own problems as well.

Being good with people isn’t just a skill, but also a game.

Jeremiah has to work to keep his skills up and complete his own personal challenges – his most recent obsession being his desire to win over Belly.

During season one of the show, Belly dated a boy named Cam Cameron.

During this relationship, did you see Jeremiah getting jealous?


No you did not.

Only when Belly began her relationship with Conrad did he get jealous, seeing it as his chance to restart his “game” (fighting to win her back).

Meanwhile, Conrad did not see her as a game, but as an honor.

He goes through hardship, getting criticized for wanting an education while his mother is dying.

Conrad struggles to keep a happy face, but always manages to put on a smile for Belly.

When Conrad looks at Belly, it’s as if he can only see her in the world.

Jeremiah looks at her like a diseased puppy dog who Belly settles for.


She says in more or less words, “I don’t think having Conrad is realistic, so I want you.”

And he still agrees.

It’s pretty obvious that he’s not the smartest book on the shelf.

Belly is a young girl who makes questionable decisions, including considering choosing Jeremiah as her forever Fischer.

This article isn’t meant to make the Bellyjere’s of the world feel bad about themselves.

The point is to help people to develop better taste, starting with a ship for one of the summer’s hottest shows.

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