Opinion: Sunnyslope Needs a Girl’s Flag Football Team Now


Sunnyslope High School should have a girl’s flag football team for girls to express themselves athletically.
As a school that strives for inclusivity on campus, Sunnyslope should create a girl’s flag football team as a space for girls interested in football to learn about the sport in a judgment-free community.
Many other schools across the state are starting teams this school year that are prospering across campus.
Schools such as Basha High School and Xavier College Preparatory are entering their fall season of girls’ flag football.
This is Xavier Sophomore Jaden Nguyen’s second year on the Gators team, and she loves it.
“It’s such a fun sport and it’s not difficult to pick up on. It’s a fast-paced sport with so many different elements that you are guaranteed to find a position right for you,” said Nguyen.
With other schools joining the AIA league for flag football, it is time for Sunnyslope to join in.
At Sunnyslope, we pride ourselves on inclusion on campus, creating this team would be an excellent addition to the sports Sunnyslope offers, and it would contribute to Sunnyslope’s belief in inclusivity.
Secondly, this is an excellent way for girls with the same interests to make friendships that last a lifetime.
Nguyen said, “Everyone genuinely cares about each other which is hard to come by as a team.”
With such a high student population on campus, it is difficult to expand your horizons and meet new people.
If Sunnyslope created a girl’s flag football team, girls campus-wide would be able to meet and bond over the sport.
On the other hand, some would argue that Sunnyslope has three different level football teams that are claimed to be ‘uni-sex’ and available for all genders and because of that, there is no need for another football team.
But, with the stigma around girls in male-dominated sports, it is not a first choice for any of the girls considering playing football.
For example, Senior Jenna Lambert said, “I know there are events like Powderpuff, and a lot of people get involved [in that] and I think that if it was something year-long, more people would get involved”.
As a girl, being a part of a team that consists of primarily boys places a barrier between you and your teammates.
Being able to bond on a male-dominated team as a girl is challenging considering the differences in interests and maturity levels at this age.
“I know in the past there have been girls that have joined the football team but I think having to be in the presence of just guys on that team can be very overbearing and a bit difficult at parts so if there was an option, lots of people would be interested in it,” said Lambert.
Additionally, it’s not safe for young girls who weigh significantly less than male players to be playing head-to-head.
Constantly slamming and colliding with boys weighing upwards of 200 pounds can cause injuries that are more threatening to a high school girl compared to a high school boy.
Flag football allows for a safer version of football without the risk of major injuries, such as concussions or heatstroke from the numerous padded equipment required for tackle football.
With this alternative flag football team, there would be an outlet to try a new sport that was thought to have been unattainable with the tribulations that are attached to playing tackle football.
“I think girls have every right to play a sport that boys have available to, I think there are plenty of girls that can play it, plenty of interest, and there’s no reason why we shouldn’t”, said Sophomore Amory Thesing.
All in all, Sunnyslope needs to start a girls’ flag football team as an outlet for girls on campus to try new sports and find a life-long sport.



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