Reputation Ruined


Nicki Minaj is corroding her legacy. Let’s get into it.
It’s 2024 and diss tracks are back apparently.
At this point Minaj has taken it too far.
Minaj had the audacity to make fun of Megan the Stallion’s traumatic experiences in her new single.
Honestly, it’s below the belt and is completely uncalled for.
The fact that Minaj is the only one engaged in this so-called “feud”, has seriously damaged her image.
Ironically, even her fans are disappointed in her recent actions, with some genuinely concerned for her mental state.
This feud being completely one-sided, it displays how little Minaj cares about her reputation.
With Minaj being such an established artist within the industry, it is rather disheartening to see her ruin her reputation over drama that most likely was not directed towards her in the first place.
In contrast, Megan has been positive amidst this whole situation, not once mentioning Minaj the whole time.
This is just an example of how Minaj is a complete afterthought to Megan.
It is time for Minaj to take accountability for her recent actions and accept that not everyone is trying to come after her.
But what caused this beef?
The rap industry has been overly saturated with controversial “diss” tracks as of recently.
Rap icon, Nicki Minaj, has also taken interest in this trend as well.
What prompted the queen of rap to join you ask?
Well, on January 31st, Megan thee Stallion released her hit single “Hiss.”
With it debuting at No. 1 on the Billboard charts, Megan focused on clapping back at her haters all while addressing all of the backlash she has been facing recently due to controversies.
Shortly after its release, Megan went onto popular radio show The Breakfast Club where she made the statement, “Whoever feels it, feels it.”
This referred to the meaning behind her new single and the message she was trying to convey.
She noted that the new release was not necessarily meant to be a diss track towards anyone specific.
In contrasting light, throughout the single there are multiple subtle digs that can be directed towards a multitude of celebrities.
But due to Megan’s incredible writing skills, many of these insults are not particularly specific. Therefore, this makes it a challenge to decipher who these insults are for.
So how did this spark a one-sided feud between the two stars?
During the mid section of “Hiss,” Megan has a line saying, “These [girls] don’t be mad at Megan, these [girls] be mad at Megan’s Law.”
Megan’s Law is a federal law that requires the release of relevant information to protect the public from sexually violent offenders.
This specific line sparked loads of controversy all over from the public because of the speculation that this line could be directed towards Minaj’s current husband.
In 1995, Kenny Petty (Minaj’s husband), faced a first-degree charge of sexually assaulting a minor.
Petty spent four years in prison as a result of his crime.
But in 2022, Petty failed to register himself as a sex offender and was put on three-year probation in July of 2022 — hence violating Megan’s Law.
Minaj has faced a lot of criticism for marrying and supporting a convicted offender.
Nevertheless, Minaj has always defended him and retaliated against those who brought up the situation.
Now, it is hard to say that this line is specifically directed towards Kelly, but Minaj fully believed that the lyrics were directed towards her husband.
As a result, Minaj’s reaction to the diss has been absurd, to say the least…
Shortly after the release, Minaj took to multiple social media platforms and decided to go on a hysterical rant.
Rather than addressing it in a sane way, Minaj decided to defame Megan, and previewed her new single “Bigfoot.”
After the release of Bigfoot many were underwhelmed with the song, as well as disappointed with how Minaj comes after Stallion.
During the song Minaj made cheapshots at Megan referencing her recent controversy with Tory Lanez – who is sentenced to 10 years in prison for shooting Megan in the foot.
Minaj proceeded to make fun of the traumatic experience, along with stating that she believes that Megan is lying about the event even taking place.
Making those insane comments, truly emphasizes how little Minaj cares about her reputation.
To have the audacity to disrespect Megan countless of times, is disgusting and childish coming from a respected artist.
Minaj’s legacy is completely tainted because of this situation, and it will take a lot for her to restore it.

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