‘Tangled’ Up With TBird


Thunderbird High School has a prom theme similar to the current Sunnyslope prom theme in April according to the official Thunderbird High School website.
Their school website shows their prom theme as “Tangled Dreams,” which is very similar to the Slope prom theme (“Under the Lanterns”).
Many juniors and seniors have strong feelings towards the similar theme.
When asked about their thoughts on this issue, they had some opinionated answers, not all agreeing with each other.
Junior Sophia Celaya said it’s as if Thunderbird “constantly copies us.”
While an assumption by Slope students is that the Titans “stole” the theme, given that themes are secretly chosen by junior class councils months in advance, it is more than likely they didn’t even know about Slope’s theme.
Junior Audrey Gaffney said “everyone is using the same themes” and that “if Thunderbird stole our theme we also stole the theme [from someone else].”
This comes from the fact that the Tangled theme is found on many platforms such as Tiktok and Instagram, because many schools are using this idea.
“Tangled was a popular prom theme last year; anyone could have stolen it off the internet,” Junior Alivia Castilla said.
It is no wonder that it is a popular theme right now; after all, this was the big Disney film when seniors were toddlers, so there is a lot of nostalgia naturally in the theme.
Tangled brings up many good childhood memories, and is a favorite for many.
The lantern scene makes “the movie romantic and shows that it is great for prom,” Freshman Makayla Camacho said.
Tangled has so many aspects that show romance and magic.
“I think Tangled is a good prom theme because it’s such a magical movie” plus “Tangled is very romantic and has so much beauty,” Freshman Ruth Rolando said.
Due to this obvious connection with the film, people shouldn’t be surprised it is used often.
Castilla also said “it shouldn’t affect the students personally, it’s just a prom theme.”
Most students just don’t care that Thunderbird has the same theme.
Junior Owen Puckett said “they are jealous of Slope.”
Some students don’t think it’s a big thing to have a similar theme.
Junior Kylie Rarrick said “I think it’s no big deal” and he thought it was “funny that they thought it was such a good idea when they copied it.”
Rarrick is among the many students who assume they “copied” Slope, though there is no evidence that suggests that to be true other than they are similar in concept.
While some make it less obvious that they don’t care, others are straight forward about it.
Many of Sunnyslope students genuinely couldn’t care less about another school with a similar theme to Sunnyslope.
Senior Mia Brenton said “I mean, I don’t care [that Thunderbird has a theme similar].”
Some would also argue that there is a distinct difference between the two themes.
“My opinion would be that it’s a popular theme and theirs is actually Tangled the movie and ours is just ‘under the lanterns’ so it’s not actually the same,” Senior Olivia Kenefick said.

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