IT Girl Status Unlocked

Finn Wallace

Known for her scandalous outros, platinum-selling records, and iconic outfits, Sabrina Carpenter is the next IT Girl of the 21st Century.

Although Carpenter got her start in 2014 on the hit Disney Channel show Girl Meets World, she has been able to take herself from Disney star to international icon.

Her latest song “Espresso” was released on April 11th and has since taken the internet by storm. 

Peaking at spot 4 on the Billboard Hot 100, Espresso was Carpenter’s first Top 10 hit, passing “Feather” and “Nonsense” from her last album, Emails I Can’t Send, which came out in 2022. 

Sabrina was not always loved by the public though.

In 2021, Carpenter was in hot water for her involvement in the Olivia Rodrigo/Joshua Bassett love triangle portrayed in Rodrigo’s hit song, “Driver’s License”.

Now, she has reemerged as a staple pop girlie. 

Carpenter’s recent single was released the day before her performance at Coachella Weekend One.

Dubbed ‘the song of the summer’ by many, “Espresso” talks about how hot she is to the point where ‘he’ is addicted to her, like caffeine. 

The funky-fresh tempo is an automatic addition to any summer playlist for 2024. 

Carpenter can be compared to artists like Madison Beer, Tate McRae, and Reneé Rapp.

Her catchy lyrics are what sets her apart from other artists in the industry.

“Nonsense,” you guessed it, written about complete nonsense, is a staple in Carpenter’s discography. 

She notably changes the lyrics to the outro of “Nonsense” at every show she plays, most containing rhyming innuendos. 

Recently, during her gig at Coachella Weekend Two, she nodded to her boyfriend Barry Keoghan and changed the lyrics to reference an infamous Saltburn film scene.

Her earlier works are not to be disregarded though.

At just 14 years old, Carpenter released her first full-length album, Eyes Wide Open.

This studio album contained her first single, “Can’t Blame a Girl for Trying,” a tween pop-folk melody. 

A year later, EVOLution was released, debuting her biggest hit yet, “Thumbs.”

Thumbs is regarded as Carpenter’s first dip into the pop world.

With over 250 million views on YouTube, it peaked at number one on Billboard’s Bubbling Under Hot 100 Singles and was also certified Platinum in the U.S.

Thumbs depicts a story of people across the world living the same routine every day and urging them not to become people who just “twiddle their thumbs.”

Hits like “Sue Me” and “Pushing 20” emerged from her Singular Act I and II

But, her pièce de résistance is her latest album: Emails I Can’t Send

Compared to the rest of Carpenter’s works, this album is where she comes out of her cocoon and shows the world the natural talent she possesses.

Songs like “Read Your Mind” and “Feather” both incorporate disco-like elements in their lyrics while “because i liked a boy” and “decode” are gut-punchers with soulful lyrics that hit home.

Deep cuts like “bet u wanna” and “bad for business” are criminally underrated as well.

Fan favorites “Tornado Warnings” and “Fast Times” illustrate the highs and lows of relationships.

No question, in my opinion, this album has zero skips and has songs that are so relatable you’ll think it was written specifically for you.

You can listen to Carpenter’s music on all streaming platforms.

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