More Than a Blood Drive- Red Cross Club

As a high school student, it is one’s responsibility to choose to take action with helping the world. 

Joining a group like the Red Cross Club will help guide one to this achievement of aiding those in need.

Devastating events are constantly happening around the world- taking action can start here.

 Service hours are great for the mind, community, and it also looks great to colleges.

President Callee Combs said, ”I started in the Red Cross Club because it was the best way to get community service hours and boost up my resume and applications.”

The Red Cross Club is an important club that is linked to organizations such as the Local Red Cross Chapter.

It provides several chances to complete service hours in order to achieve personal goals while being involved with a group. 

Advisor Jamie Mitchell said,  “The Red Cross has a reputation of serving humanity globally. This is a nice place to learn more about how you can have some personal responsibility for the wellness of humans around the world.”

They meet in room J117 once a month to discuss service opportunities. 

This commitment can help create responsibility for the students involved in the club. Learning how to juggle their life with other school activities like this can help prepare them for the future.

The Red Cross Club is very flexible to one’s own schedule and needs. 

Mitchell said, “Every individual event we do is optional. Some members are really involved in all of it, while others may come to one or two a year. It’s open to whatever level of commitment you want to make; it’s very flexible.”

Being a part of the Red Cross club looks great for colleges by showing a great level of commitment and responsibility. It also provides the opportunity to win impressive awards with the club.  

In a past year, The Red Cross Club won first place at the veterans day parade- join the club this year to possibly be a part of that!

Yearly, the club hosts a blood drive that ends in much success each time. Participating in this can be both fulfilling and rewarding, considering the great impact these donations have on the community.

Having service hours also helps the community outside the school circle. Mitchell said, “The Red Cross Club is a great club because it can help you get your community service hours required to get an honors diploma.” 

Joining the Red Cross Club will benefit the community inside and outside the Sunnyslope circle. Pop in to the Club’s next meeting to be a part of the fun!