Science Club Experiments with Club Rush


Sunnyslope High School offers a club for everyone. There are academic clubs that look great on a resume – Speech and Debate, FBLA – and fun clubs designed for meeting new people with common interests, like Game Club and Anime Club. However, few clubs offer both settings.

The Science Club is one such club. Students meet new people and perform fun experiments, and the addition of the club to a resume also looks great. 

Kaycee Willis, the advisor of Science Club, spoke a bit about her role and how she’s working to make the club an enjoyable place to be.

“The club existed before I got here, but it was pretty much dead,” Willis explained. “I want to revive it.” 

Willis has made plans with the members of the club to make it fun and interactive, like it used to be. 

“We do more than just chemistry. We have an egg drop planned, and we want to do some biology too. And of course chemistry,” Willis explained. 

Willis wants to do what the students want to do. She explained that they were making things up as they went – they’ll do what sounds fun, and skip the stuff that isn’t. 

“We really just do all sorts of nerdy science stuff. I’m going to see if I can get a telescope for stargazing,” Willis said.

Also working with Willis to revive the Science Club is Junior Alex Wang. 

“We want to get things rolling and gain a bit of traction,” Wang said. “We’re always looking for new members.” 

Wang spoke more on the dynamic of the club and its members.

“We feel comfortable participating and we have something to do for everyone,” said Wang. “I hope people can find interest in our club.”

Sunnyslope’s Science Club is a great option for anyone looking for a club to join. It’s fun, looks great on resumes, and has a welcoming community of science lovers. The club meets on the first and third Thursday of every month.