Victor’s Plentiful Place

Victor’s Place – Grand re-opening!

Sunnyslope’s own personal snack shack is open everyday at lunch!

Victor’s Place is an outlet for Sunnyslope students to buy sugar-free sodas and snacks.

It has been a student-based enterprise on Sunnyslope’s campus since 2004, and is currently organized by the CTE-Marketing and Video Productions teacher Darrel Preston.

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, Victor’s Place hasn’t been available to students for over two years.

It is, however, making a comeback this 2022-2023 school year!

Students and faculty finally have the opportunity to bring this Sunnyslope staple back to life.

An interesting factor is that Victor’s Place is run by students here at Sunnyslope.

Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors all are able to work at Victor’s Place.

In fact, working at Victor’s Place is a requirement when taking Advanced Marketing.

Students have the opportunity to build their management skills, learn about supply and demand, and practice community service.

Jonathan Ramos supervises all shifts and helps students operate the stand.

Students who work at Victor’s Place do not get discounted items.

Instead, they earn a grade based on their community service, shift attendance, and also have the ability to earn tips!

Working at Victor’s place allows students to get a hands-on experience of what it’s like to have a real-world job.

Senior Leonardo Moreno, a current employee at Victor’s Place, said that “for those who don’t have a job, they get great working experience there.”

If you are interested in being a future employee at Victor’s place, you must sign up for Sunnyslope’s CTE-Marketing class to learn all you need to know.

Victor’s Place offers energy drinks, sodas, chips, cereal bars, and more.

Some items are as cheap as $0.75.

As of right now, Victor’s Place only accepts cash; but they are hoping to accept debit and credit cards in the future.

Victor’s Place formally offered catered hot food items from Yoshi’s Restaurant and Big Daddy’s Pizza; these options may return this school year.

“I miss the Yoshi bowls so much…I need them to bring it back!” said Senior Darius Marquez.

Market Teaching Darel Preston announced that Victor’s Place now offers slushies and fresh-baked cookies.

Students in CTE-Marketing work together every day to brainstorm new items that may excel at Victor’s Place.