Modern Day Misogyny

Blaire Lynch

As Taylor Swift once said: “A man is allowed to react. A woman can only overreact.”
It was only seven days into the New Year, and discussion was sparked about the progression of how society views women.
Oppenheimer is based on a 721-page, Pulitzer Prize-winning book about the Manhattan Project. And Barbie is based on a plastic doll with big boobies.”
Comedian Jo Koy began The Golden Globes award broadcast with an unnecessarily incendiary “joke.”
This joke resulted in minimal to zero laughs.
Barbie, having earned ten nominations across all categories, and also being the most viewed movie of the year, was reduced to an object of sexual desire.
The Golden Globes, a gathering to give accolades to artists and their work within the film industry, occurred the night of January 7.
It is an understatement to say that it garnered attention. But what kind?
Comedian Joseph Glenn Herbert, professionally known as Jo Koy, hosted the event.
He was a last-minute option with only two weeks to prepare, which was made painfully obvious as the night continued.
His other big joke of the night was directed at Taylor Swift.
When comparing the NFL to the Golden Globes, he said, “The big difference between the Golden Globes and the NFL? At the Golden Globes, we have fewer camera shots of Taylor Swift.”
Swift had a variety of accomplishments in 2023 including an outstanding tour, new music, and being spotify’s number one artist – a record, yet she was reduced to her relationship with a football star.
While slowly sipping her champagne, Taylor Swift stared straight ahead, enduring yet another joke with the intention of women being the punchline.
Ryan Gosling reacted in a similar manner, sitting with composure and looking unamused.
From, fans said, “The Taylor joke was awkward – it wasn’t offensive … We don’t need to overreact. They did not mention Travis or her personal life. Relax a bit, please.”
Although, other social media platforms, such as Tiktok, praised Gosling for reacting the same exact way, showing “compassion for the issue at hand.”
And this joke, along with the public’s reaction to it, leads us to an undeniable truth: the patriarchy will not loosen its grip anytime soon.
When the joke didn’t land, Koy immediately realized and half heartedly apologized on stage.
Though, there weren’t any jokes of this nature made about men throughout the night, suggesting that producers thought that jokes targeted towards women were thought of as funny.
There have been four separate waves of feminism recorded in history: women’s suffrage, liberation, focus on female minorities (different cultures and sexualities), and the focus of sexual harassment and equality of power in the workplace (#metoo movement).
The recent events make it obvious that we are approaching the 5th movement; though, it also makes me wonder, what kind?
What will this “wave” be known for?
2023 was a year filled with massive growth towards reducing the idea of the patriarchy. As the year came to an end,, men have once again tried to repair the breakage in the patriarchal ideal and “put women in their place.”
I find it funny how after a year so focused on the growth in feminism, there are still issues as bluntly remedial as a celebrity’s expression.
This is just another example of how men and women can behave the same, yet end with wildly different results.
Since the fiasco, Koy has responded to the backlash: “Well, I had fun. You know, it was a moment that I’ll always remember. It’s a tough room. It was a hard job, I’m not going to lie… I’d be lying if [I said] it doesn’t hurt … I feel bad, but I got to still say I loved what I did.”
He described how he was proud of himself for jumping at the open opportunity, (even though it was a disaster on his part).
Koy somehow curated the perfect apology… without actually apologizing – helping to replenish the future of his career.
2023 was a year with projects made to bring women together, and to diminish the stereotyped differences between sexes.
Even with the attempt to diminish this goal, the night’s unwanted attention has built bonds, creating strength in numbers.
Frankly, the “mishap” proved the point of today’s issues between genders, while also bringing today’s youth together.

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