French Club: Back and Better Than Ever


Karaoke. Mardis Gras. Cheese-tasting.

 Be ready, French Club has big things coming. 

While French Club hasn’t been active on campus for the past two years, this year the club is back in full force and ready to accept new members.

 To join French Club all you need is an appreciation for culture, a desire to learn more, and be excited to meet new, likeminded people. 

Senior and current French Club President Taylor Letcher said, “ I’m excited to meet and enjoy the culture with the all the levels of French and those that aren’t in a French class.” 

She continued, “It’s fun to branch out and meet people who share a common interest.”  

Some of the club’s plans for the year include a baking competition, Mardi Gras celebration, cheese tasting, and a club-wide game of pétanque. 

Pétanque is a French game similar to Bocce ball, that the club has played in the past. 

Also in previous years, the club hosted a cheese tasting and baking competition where students bring in baked goods and the club votes for a winner. French teacher and French Club Sponsor Angela Kintscher said, “some of [her] favorite memories include cheese tasting and introducing students to different cuisines.” 

While perhaps these activities may seem not wholly related to French, the French Club plans to foster a connection with the French culture while remaining inclusive to students on campus; you don’t even have to speak French to join. 

Senior and current French Club President Taylor Letcher envisions a community where people can come together and appreciate French culture. 

Letcher said that while she hopes “[she] could get the opportunity to understand the connections between language and culture outside of the classroom,” it is still an opportunity to connect with different people across the school. 

Senior Mallory Alvarez had previously taken 3 years of French, but couldn’t this year. 

Alvarez was disappointed that she hadn’t joined the club previously, so she is especially excited for connecting with French culture and other club members now. 

Additionally, Alvarez is looking forward to “practicing speaking the language in a group.” 

 French Club meets after school the last Wednesday of every month in room 402, and their next meeting will be September 28th.